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Citizenship Lawyer New Jersey


What Is A Citizenship And Naturalization Attorney?


Strategic counsel from a dedicated NJ immigration attorney helps many individuals to benefit if their citizenship and naturalization case goes well. Protection from deportation, job opportunities, the right to vote here in the United States, the ability to work for the U.S. government, unrestricted travel, and even the ability to sponsor foreign family members are just a few of the positive outcomes of a successful citizenship case.


If you are not a United States citizen and seek to gain this status, hiring a Citizenship and naturalization lawyer is a vital first step. Your immigration attorney can begin pointing you in the right direction from beginning to end, serving as a guide throughout your citizenship case.


A citizenship and naturalization attorney specializes in helping individuals become citizens of a particular country. This type of experienced attorney is a professional who can guide individuals seeking citizenship throughout their entire legal process. On account of the complexities of these immigration cases, obtaining citizenship would be challenging without an experienced immigration lawyer.


Your lawyer begins by providing an outline for you, ensuring you meet deadlines, and helping to gather any necessary documents and signatures you’ll have to produce for the court. Our New Jersey immigration lawyers can also complete and file any court-issued paperwork for you as well. The goal of our citizenship and naturalization lawyer is to make the immigration court process more manageable, smoother, and more successful for you.

Why Hire A Citizenship And Naturalization Attorney


The process of obtaining United States citizenship can be complicated and difficult. Finding extraordinary legal services is crucial to achieving a beneficial case. Your lawyer will provide an in-depth explanation of the requirements and eligibility for naturalization. To become a United States citizen, an individual must pass the citizenship test unless they are exempt for any particular reason under government rule.


To receive a passing grade on the test, those seeking citizenship must possess the necessary knowledge of U.S. history and basic government comprehension. In addition, you must be able to read, write, and speak English. The next step involves assisting with any application process. Citizenship applications help applicants understand the necessary and valuable information surrounding United States history.

New Jersey Citizenship Lawyer


Becoming A United States Citizen


If you are not a United States citizen, there are three ways to become one. The first way an individual can gain citizenship is by demonstrating birthright citizenship. Anyone who is born in the U.S. automatically acquires citizenship.


Under particular circumstances, an individual born to a United States citizen while abroad can also receive automatic citizenship. Whether this applies to an individual’s specific case depends on the details of the case and the immigration and citizenship laws at the time they were born.


The second way to gain citizenship in the U.S. is to complete the naturalization process with an Immigration Lawyer. Finally, an individual can become a citizen through the naturalization of a parent. This process involves

  • Reviewing eligibility

  • Filing an N-400 form through the USCIS

  • Submitting fingerprint samples

  • Attending interviews

  • Participating in the oath ceremony


While there are multiple ways to seek citizenship in the United States, the most common way other than through birth is through naturalization procedures. Once your Citizenship Lawyer New Jersey goes over the requirements and eligibility forms, clients will better understand what to do and what is expected of them to proceed with the case.

Citizenship Naturalization Lawyer New Jersey


If an applicant unknowingly engages in illegal activities, their ability to proceed with any immigration case can be postponed or revoked. Committing a crime while trying to gain citizenship only further complicates the immigration process. Showing good moral character is one of the underlying aspects they look for in a person when reviewing citizenship applications.


The final path to becoming a citizen is through derivation. Your citizenship and naturalization attorney will guide you through any applications needed to obtain your citizenship status. Our law office will also help provide the proper preparation for any Green Card / Naturalization interviews you attend.


Your lawyer is not only there to set you up for a successful case but will walk you through the entire span of the case by representing you in the legal proceedings related to naturalization. A highly skilled immigration attorney can also provide immigration assistance to clients who may face potential difficulties with their citizenship status, for instance, revocation or denaturalization.


Immigration Issues With Obtaining Citizenship And Naturalization


If you commit a crime by the USCIS standards, you may not even be aware that you have done so. However, there are several instances where an individual applies for an immigration benefit and goes for fingerprinting, and the immigration authorities confront the individual with the alleged misconduct.


Applications can be for a Green Card replacement, citizenship or naturalization, or a benefit in removal proceedings. The commission of the crime limits an applicant’s options while potentially facing deportation, removal to their home country of origin, or detention by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Issues surrounding crime further complicate an individual’s situation, making it vital to hire a citizenship and naturalization lawyer to guide you through the following steps.

New Jersey Immigration Lawyer For Citizenship


A citizenship and naturalization attorney will be able to construct a strong case in your defense and provide valuable legal assistance to individuals seeking to become citizens of the United States. We want our clients to avoid any of the legal issues found in many individual applications.


Our goal at the Law Offices of Dizengoff and Yost is to make the process easier for applicants as they undergo an extensive evaluation process presented by the USCIS. We welcome you to contact our Citizenship Lawyer New Jersey for a free consultation. Call our immigration law firm at 609-813-1666.

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Citizenship Lawyer New Jersey
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