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New Jersey Drivers License Restoration Lawyer

What Is A New Jersey Driver's License Suspension Lawyer?


A New Jersey Driver's License Suspension Lawyer is an attorney who specializes in representing individuals whose license has been suspended or revoked. For example, suppose you have been charged with a traffic violation or are involved in a motor vehicle accident resulting in losing your NJ driver's license. In many instances, an individual might not realize that their license has been suspended. In that case, a suspended driver's license attorney can help you navigate the legal process and defend your case. 


What Are The Duties Of A New Jersey Suspended Drivers License Attorney?


The specific duties of a suspended driver's license lawyer may include the following:

  • The lawyer can evaluate the circumstances surrounding your driver's license suspension or revocation. 

  • The lawyer can examine any evidence against you. This examination includes Traffic Tickets and police reports.

  • The lawyer can go over your legal options and review any potential consequences of each option you go over. 

  • The lawyer can represent you in court. This representation includes using their expertise and experience in legal communication and negotiating with prosecutors. Your lawyer will also present your case to a judge or jury. 

  • The lawyer can advise you on how to regain your driver's license or lessen your suspension from using it. Your lawyer will also help you obtain a hardship license or suggest that you complete the required classes/treatment programs. 


What Happens If Your Drivers License Gets Suspended?


The repercussions of having a suspended driver's license are often deeply consequential to someone's life. These consequences can impact situations with work, family, friends, etc. If you get a New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) Scheduled Suspension Notice, you should consider hiring a Drivers License Restoration Lawyer to steer you through the case.


While some people face license suspension or revocation for a few weeks, months, or even years, it is crucial to seek professional legal help. The Law Offices of Dizengoff and Yost strive to provide a thorough and efficient defense to individuals facing the severe penalty of a driver's license suspension.  


If an individual is found guilty, a number of varying traffic offenses correspond to mandatory periods of license suspension or revocation. A suspended license attorney will be able to assist you by representing you in court, working with the judge to propose alternative consequences that may be less timely, or even working to eliminate the suspension period.


In addition, under New Jersey law, the court has the right to revoke or suspend your license for matters that may not be related to traffic violations. For example, failure to pay a particular ticket is a common underlying reason for driver's license suspension.

Why You Should Hire A Drivers License Restoration Lawyer


If your driver's license has been suspended, it is common to speak with a lawyer specializing in suspended licenses and criminal defense law. Call a drivers license restoration attorney who can advise you on your legal options and help you understand the process of reinstating your license.


For example, depending on the reason for your license suspension, you may be able to get your license reinstated by paying fines, completing required classes, attending treatment programs, or appealing your driver's license suspension through the legal process. A New Jersey Drivers License Restoration Lawyer can help you understand and weigh your options while helping to ensure you understand the process of getting your license reinstated.

Drivers License Restoration Lawyer New Jersey


What Can A New Jersey Suspended License Lawyer Do For You?


Once you determine it will be best if an experienced NJ attorney represents you, they can send a certified letter to the Division of Motor Vehicles. This document signifies that you do not accept the proposed suspension and wish to persist by requesting a hearing before the Division. The DMV must receive your certified letter before your scheduled driver's license suspension begins, with a statement highlighting a valid justification to oppose it.


If that is the case, the Division will halt the driver's license suspension and permit you driving privileges until the hearing. The MVC can deny a request for a hearing, making it crucial to hire an attorney to handle the legal matters of the case for you. We routinely represent many clients facing a license suspension and hope to successfully assist you in gaining your driving rights back.


Many situations result in a driver receiving a Notice of Proposed Suspension. These include:

  • Failure to pay surcharges

  • Failure to pay fines

  • Driving with a suspended license

  • No proof of insurance

  • Receiving 12 points or more on your current driving record

  • Failure to appear in court

  • Being at fault in a fatal accident

  • Reckless driving

  • Physical or mental disqualification

  • DWI arrest


If you have had your driver's license suspended or revoked and are therefore facing legal consequences, it is vital to pursue the advice of a qualified suspended driver's license attorney. An accomplished lawyer will encourage you to understand your rights better while fighting to protect your driving privileges and your freedom. In addition, handling the restoration of your license from beginning to end, we must effectively and efficiently guide you throughout the case.


Going Above And Beyond For Clients


Your lawyer can write to the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles to get a list of all outstanding fines, unpaid surcharges, and any open tickets that may be on your record and holding you back from your driving privileges. Your suspended driver's license attorney can then write to each court to determine what you can do to drop any charges and satisfy the court.

Attorney To Get Back Suspended Drivers License In NJ


The suspended license defense attorneys from the Law Offices of Dizengoff and Yost can also help you in arranging how to pay the outstanding fines to clear your record further. Finally, your experienced New Jersey license restoration lawyer can appear in court with you and represent you during hearings.


Once your lawyer helps to clear up any charges on your record that affect your New Jersey driver's license status, we will arrange for you to pay a restoration fee. This payment permits us to resume pursuing the legal procedures to get your license back.

New Jersey Lawyer Driver's License Suspension/Restoration


At hearings, a Drivers License Restoration Lawyer will appear with you, giving it their all to adequately negotiate a decrease in the suggested suspension. If a client is satisfied with the result, you can accept the hearing officer's decision. On the other hand, if a client is not happy with a result, your lawyer can then assist you in rejecting the decision and request further hearings before an Administrative Law Judge.


Whether you are facing license suspension because of traffic violations, unpaid fines, or other legal issues, our law firm is dedicated to advocating for your rights and providing effective solutions to get you back on the road. For legal counsel, contact our law firm today to schedule a free consultation at 609-813-1666.


Driving with a revoked driver's license is a terrible decision. Please call us to inquire about our potential assistance.

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