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Rear End Car Accident Lawyer Hammonton NJ


Rear-End Car Accidents: Are They A Guaranteed Win?

If your car is hit in the rear, allow us to steer!

Communication: The New Jersey law offices of Dizengoff and Yost will represent you and your unique situation, so you receive the maximum benefits you deserve.


Once you sign our representation agreement, you will be protected from unwanted communication from adversarial insurance adjusters, investigators, or lawyers representing other parties. Please be mindful to avoid mistakes when communicating with them. We prioritize what's best for you, unlike them. They can try to get you to reveal things that help them defeat or lessen your claim.


As our client, they must go through us, and you are insulated from their unwanted attempts to damage your case through communication or miscommunication. As our client, our Rear End Car Accident Lawyer Hammonton NJ will handle negotiations so they cannot trick you into agreeing to less than you deserve.

Rear End Collision Accident Lawyers


Open and Shut Case? Complexities: Many assume that a rear-end collision is an open and shut case. In some ways, it's true because the law usually favors the vehicle getting hit in the rear because the following vehicle must maintain a safe and reasonable distance behind the car in front.


The following driver has a duty to be able to stop safely behind you in light of speed and road conditions. The driver in front, though, has to have working brake lights and should not unreasonably stop, park illegally, or impede traffic.


However, there are additional complexities that may limit what you can recover. This is where having competent legal representation comes into play. Something known as the tort threshold, which, if applicable to you, can limit or eliminate any claim for pain and suffering unless your Rear End Car Accident Lawyer Hammonton NJ can develop an exception to the rule or demonstrate why this rule doesn't apply to you. We can coordinate with your medical providers and obtain the medical reports that answer this crucial question.

Technical Rules That Can Defeat You Even When You Think You Have a Winner: For instance, there are complexities when making a claim against a municipal, state, or federal-owned vehicle (for example, a mail truck or police car collision). If such a government vehicle hits you in the rear and they are entirely at fault, you may still lose without a lawyer's timely entry into your case.


We advise that a Rear End Car Accident Lawyer Hammonton NJ be consulted by calling our law office at 609-813-1666 for a free consultation today. Your claim may be forever barred no matter how the accident happened, the "fault," or even how severe your injuries are.

Experienced Hammonton New Jersey Car Accident Attorney

If proper claim forms are not promptly served upon the governmental entity, your claim may be extinguished for good with no payment or recourse.

Other Driver Insured? Or not insured enough? Another issue is whether or not the driver hitting you is properly insured. They may not have enough insurance or insurance for your claim.


Again, this is a complexity that experienced Personal Injury Attorney representation can often solve to your satisfaction. This issue should be resolved quickly as it can affect the speed, manner, and amount of monetary settlement.


We Organize and Maximize Your Case: Assuming the various complexities are navigated, and you can "steer through" an apparent "open and shut" case, there is still the question of getting fully compensated for every form of damage you sustained. The NJ Law Offices of Dizengoff and Yost have the experience to organize it, present it, and sell it to the insurance companies, even to a judge trying to settle the case, and finally to a jury, should we take it to the limit of a trial.


Please note that most cases settle before the trial, but we know how to prepare for all possibilities. Sometimes, an insurance company will only offer a fair settlement if they know that your New Jersey Car Accident Lawyer is ready for trial and that the trial date is approaching. They have different strategies, and we are prepared to settle early if they are fair or settle late if they hold out.


Hammonton NJ Rear End Car Accident Lawyer

Since rear-end accidents account for a quarter of all car accidents in New Jersey, insurance agencies are determined to pay you less! You may have damage to your car, your health, your body, and even your relationships with your family and your ability to work. Whiplash can have both temporary and lasting impacts on your life.


Get the money you deserve, as our team ensures that every element of your personal injury claim is compensated. If you were injured in a rear end collision in New Jersey, contact a New Jersey rear-end collision accident lawyer from the law firm of Dizengoff and Yost to schedule a free initial consultation at 609-813-1666.

Contact Us Online for assistance from an experienced NJ car accident lawyer.

Rear End Car Accident Lawyer Hammonton NJ
Hammonton New Jersey Rear End Accident Lawyers
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