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Deportation Defense Lawyer New Jersey

What Is A Deportation Defense Lawyer?

A Deportation Defense Lawyer provides an essential line of defense during significant immigration situations. Any deportation or removal cases litigated in Immigration Court are complex and often intense.


When your ability to remain in the United States is at issue, it is best to seek legal guidance to ensure the proper handling of your case from a professional standpoint. We strive to continually develop a comprehensive understanding of U.S. Immigration laws and the unique challenges immigrants can face.


The Law Offices of Dizengoff and Yost aim to guide our clients through the court process while creating a deeper, more personable interpretation of their needs. Creating space for a more in-depth understanding allows your Deportation Defense Lawyer to maneuver the situation in favor of your current needs precisely.


While any New Jersey Deportation Defense Lawyer can represent you in court, giving your time, energy, and trust to a New Jersey deportation lawyer who is exceptionally passionate about protecting your rights is crucial. Our NJ Immigration Lawyer from our immigration law firm wants nothing more than to help you achieve that.


What To Expect In Immigration Court

Deportation in Immigration Court is a crucial case for an individual to endure without the help of a skilled immigration attorney. Legal representation is necessary to face government officials whose stance on your deportation case can ultimately decipher your status in the United States.


The opposing side of your case has skilled immigration lawyers who have extensive knowledge of any logistics that undermine immigration and the laws of the United States.


In any deportation case, it is vital to obtain the best possible Immigration Deportation Defense Lawyer. Your Deportation Attorney will be the defense barrier between the issue brought to court and your ability to remain in the United States.

If you are facing deportation, a deportation lawyer can help you navigate the complex legal process and fight to remain in the United States. An experienced deportation lawyer can represent you in front of an immigration judge and work to secure a stay in the United States while your case is being resolved.


Finding a reliable defense attorney with extensive experience who can successfully represent you throughout your immigration trial heightens your ability to achieve a favorable outcome. However, losing your case in deportation proceedings or removal proceedings can mean that you have to leave the United States and not return to this country.


How Your Deportation Defense Lawyer Can Help You


Unfortunately, there are many circumstances where an individual is required to appear in immigration court. Regardless of the issue, it is in an individual’s best interest to immediately seek an immigration defense lawyer to begin scanning your options in preparation for the case. A New Jersey Deportation Defense Lawyer can explain your immigration benefits and legal options concerning the issue.


These appeals include

  • Cancellation of Removal

  • Political Asylum

  • Withholding of Removal or Deportation

  • Adjustment of Status

  • Suspension of Deportation

  • Waivers of Inadmissibility

  • Legalization Through Registry

  • Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA)

  • And Voluntary Departure


These are just a few examples of available applications.

Your Deportation Defense Lawyer New Jersey not only represents you but can provide you with an in-depth understanding of what to expect entering into each case stage. In addition, because your defense attorney knows the current immigration laws and how to apply them to your case, they can compose a game plan by reviewing your legal options with you.

Help Fighting Deportation In New Jersey Deportation Defense Lawyer


Deportation/Removal Proceedings Process

Deportation, also legally referred to as “removal,” is removing a foreign national from the country for a particular violation of the law. The Department of Homeland Security seeks to remove an individual under various circumstances. Causes for potential deportation for individuals.

These include:

  • Failing to Obtain the Proper Travel Documents

  • Engaging in Criminal Activity

  • Being in the United States Without Legal or Valid Entry

  • Violating the Terms of a Green Card, Employment Visa, or Student Visa

  • Marriage Fraud


If Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has accused you of violating immigration law, you will receive a notice to appear (NTA), where you become subject to deportation.


Immediately upon receiving an NTA, it is essential to seek legal help before going forward with anything regarding your immigration case. Immigration Defense Attorneys are here to advise you about your rights in immigration proceedings, as they are familiar with the court procedures and know what to expect.


With this knowledge, Deportation Defense Lawyers can legally assist and professionally represent you while keeping your best interests at heart. These lawyers regularly deal with Removal Defense cases and strive to work to their fullest potential to find the grounds to support your continued residence in the United States.

Experienced Immigration Attorney Supporting You Every Step of the Way


The Law Offices of Dizengoff and Yost understand the overwhelming emotions a client faces when their ability to reside in the United States is under scrutiny. Being called to immigration court can be an intimidating case to handle without legal advice mentoring you through the process.


Our law office goal begins with putting your emotions at ease, gaining your trust, and creating a strong, professional client-lawyer relationship. This alliance is crucial to producing a successful case, as your Deportation Defense Lawyer New Jersey relies on your cooperation and honesty. We appreciate a client’s ability to be open and patient with the attorney as we seek to provide you with the highest quality immigration service.​

Get Help From Experienced New Jersey Deportation Defense Lawyers


Sometimes, people are placed in deportation proceedings because of a criminal conviction. Other times, it is simply because the individual remained in the U.S. beyond the period their non-immigrant visa permitted.


No matter what immigration issues you are up against, your case becomes our case, and we aspire to lend you the skilled, effective legal services you need. Protecting your rights and fighting for your ability, as well as that of any family member, to reside in the United States is our top priority.  Contact an experienced Deportation Defense Lawyer from the Law Offices of Dizengoff and Yost for a free consultation at 609-813-1666.

Deportation Defense Lawyer New Jersey


Our legal team can guide you through the immigration process from start to finish. Our immigration attorneys constantly seek new and effective ways to produce functional, powerful, and successful immigration cases. Keeping up to date with the rapidly changing immigration laws, incorporating new and effective communication styles when interacting with government officials, and the constant desire to never stop education are just a few ways our attorneys gain successful court experience.

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Deportation Defense Lawyer New Jersey
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