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Can A Removal Defense Lawyer Help You Avoid Deportation?

Removal defense is an essential part of an immigration case. Introduces removal defense and some common strategies lawyers employ to defend clients facing Deportation or removal. A removal case addresses two distinct issues.

Removal Defense: How Can You Avoid Deportation

  • The first issue is whether the individual is indeed subject to removal from the US under the law based on the facts of his case.

  • The second issue is whether the individual is entitled to receive an immigration benefit that would enable him to remain in the US by getting a new immigration status or by keeping the immigration status he already has.

What Is Removal Defense?

  • Removal Defense is a legal strategy to prevent a person from being deported from the United States.

  • It involves using legal arguments to persuade a judge to rule in the noncitizen's favor.

  • It can also use evidence to demonstrate that the noncitizen has a valid claim for staying in the United States.

Reasons For Facing Removal

  • Violation of Immigration Laws

  • Criminal Convictions

  • Security and Health-Related Grounds

  • Failing to Register or Report Changes

  • Inadmissibility

Removal Defense Strategies

  • Applying for Cancellation of Removal

  • Applying for Asylum

  • Applying for Waivers

  • Applying for Adjustment of Status

  • Applying for a U Visa or T Visa

  • Making Viable Arguments in Court

Cancellation Removal Defense: How Can You Avoid Deportation? Bottom Line

  • Removal Defense can help individuals stay in the United States and remain with their families.

  • It is essential to research removal defense strategies and find an experienced immigration attorney to help you with your case.

  • It is also essential to be ready for your appearance in Immigration Court, submit your case, and testify convincingly to increase your chances of success.

If you or someone you know is facing deportation and in need of legal representation, we strongly recommend contacting the Law Offices of Dizengoff and Yost. Our experienced removal defense lawyers are dedicated to protecting your rights and will provide a free consultation to assess your case. Don't delay; call us today at 609-813-1666 to discuss how we can help you avoid deportation.

Removal Defense Lawyer How Can You Avoid Deportation?
Removal Defense Lawyer How Can You Avoid Deportation?


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