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Asylum Lawyer New Jersey Free Consultation


What Is Asylum In The United States?

The United States asylum system is a form of protection granted to foreign nationals, either already living in the country or individuals arriving at the border. These individuals must meet the international law definition of a "refugee" to apply for Asylum by the United States immigration courts. In addition, asylum allows an individual to:

  • Reside Within The United States,

  • Become a Green Card Holder,

  • Get Work Authorization,

  • And Ultimately File For U.S. Citizenship.


Who Is Considered A "Refugee"?

The 1967 Protocol and the United Nations 1951 Convention define a Refugee as an individual who fails to or cannot return to their home country. This individual who may get accorded refugee status also lacks protection in that country because of past persecution or a fear of persecution in the future. This fear must stem from race, nationality, religion, membership in a specific group, or political opinion.


Asylum is the defense given to someone fleeing political violence, religious intolerance, or any maltreatment by foreign governments. Anyone seeking asylum can obtain the necessary legal help through an

 Immigration Lawyer.

Congress integrated the refugee definition into United States Immigration laws in the 1980 Refugee Act. As an endorser of the 1967 Protocol, and through U.S. immigration law, the country now has legal commitment and responsibility to yield protection to those qualifying as refugees. 


Applying For Asylum

Thousands of people arriving annually at United States borders and individuals already residing in the U.S. apply for asylum. People seek asylum or refugee status as a form of protection from persecution or Deportation. Asylum seekers should hire an Asylum Lawyer New Jersey Free Consultation, to assist them in steering through strenuous court procedures that involve communication with other government agencies.


How Can Seeking Asylum Help People Fleeing Persecution?

Individuals granted asylum relief can then apply to live in the country permanently. Being granted asylum helps them gain citizenship for themselves and their family. An asylum immigration lawyer can give clients an in-depth understanding of the asylum system in the United States, go over eligibility requirements, and introduce the application process.


Hiring Asylum lawyers from the Law Offices of Dizengoff and Yost can be beneficial for many reasons. First, our asylum attorney will guide you from the beginning to the end of your immigration court process. Schedule a free consultation to speak with our immigration attorneys. Please do not hesitate to contact our immigration law office at 609-813-1666 for a free initial consultation.


Why Hire An NJ Asylum Immigration Lawyer

Ensuring clients meet deadlines and helping you prepare any necessary applications are two of the first steps your attorney should take with you as an asylum applicant.  An asylum immigration attorney strives to provide valuable expertise to carry the case for you. Your asylum immigration lawyer can help you navigate the complicated asylum application process and provide you with the legal assistance you need to present your case. They guide, mentor, and provide legal representation to you, the asylum seeker.

We strive to produce smooth transitions, transparent communication, and successful outcomes in any case we represent. Your attorney will help you gather and prepare the necessary documentation, represent you in Court, and provide guidance and support throughout the asylum process. Therefore, hiring an Asylum Lawyer New Jersey can drastically increase your chances of success in obtaining asylum in the United States.


What Does An Asylum Immigration Lawyer Do?

Being able to depend on an Asylum Lawyer New Jersey in a crisis is vital for a successful immigration case. An asylum immigration lawyer is there to help you understand the ever-changing, complex immigration laws and regulations surrounding asylum in the United States. In addition, your asylum immigration lawyer enables you to understand your rights and options under the law and provides valuable legal advice on protecting yourself and your family. 


We seek to provide you with the guidance and support needed to enact a professional, proficient immigration case. Having an experienced NJ immigration lawyer who can prepare you for interviews, review potential questions and answers, and educate you on the asylum system in the United States. In addition, the lawyer's extensive experience in immigration cases allows clients to understand how asylum works in the U.S. This knowledge brings confidence in the courtroom and when speaking to government officials for both the client and the lawyer.


New Jersey Asylum Lawyer Free Consultation


The three main ways an individual can apply for asylum in the U.S. are

  • Affirmative,

  • Defensive,

  • And Expedited.

In addition to proving eligibility for asylum, it is also essential to file the asylum application within one year of arriving in the country. Those applicants who do not apply within the year of their arrival in the U.S. may have trouble seeking asylum. Fortunately, there are exceptions and alternate routes an individual can take to get around this.


Despite losing eligibility for asylum, you may still benefit from withholding removal or protection under the Convention Against Torture (CAT). Asylum immigration lawyers can assist you in determining whether to seek withholding of removal or protection under the CAT. Your attorney will help you file applications with the Asylum office, where it will be referred to the Immigration Courts, followed by evaluation from an Immigration judge.


Not only is your asylum immigration lawyer there to provide legal representation for you in Immigration Court, but they also work to guide you during court hearings while advocating on your behalf. Our experienced attorney will also know how to navigate your case if the government denies your application. Government or Court: If a client's application is successful, they can remain in the United States while being granted protection from deportation to their home country against their will.

New Jersey Immigration Lawyer For Asylum Claims

For more information, contact our immigration law firm to have us review your asylum case today at 609-813-1666. We offer a free consultation so we can discuss your immigration issues.

Asylum Lawyer New Jersey Free Consultation
Asylum Attorney New Jersey
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